Community shows support for Asheboro teen overcoming ovarian cancer

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ASHEBORO, N.C. – It was a touching sight for Randa Hill – seeing so many students at Southwestern Randolph High School linking arms to pray for her daughter and their classmate Morgan Hamby.

“The morning of her surgery we started getting pictures in, and there were probably hundreds of kids,” Hill said.

“I haven’t really understood how close our community was until all of this happened,” Hamby said.

Life took a big turn for Hamby, 16, when she went to a dermatologist for acne medicine that requires blood tests.

The results were concerning enough that Hamby and her family met with a gynecologist.

An ultra sound found that Hamby had an 11 centimeter mass on her left ovary.

It tested positive for dysgerminoma, a rare form of ovarian cancer.

“That’s a parent’s worst fear is to hear those words,” Hill said.

Hamby had surgery and finished her first round of chemo.

There has been an overflow of support from the Randolph County community.

Along with public prayer, classmates and basketball players at the school have been wearing teal to spread awareness about ovarian cancer.

Teal ribbons are on display at different places in Asheboro also in support of Hamby.

Hamby was 15 over the weeks of testing and receiving the diagnosis.

Last month, she was able to enjoy a birthday party for her 16th birthday.

“I knew after surgery I wouldn’t be able to get out and go to school, so it was really good to have that last chance to just have fun with everyone,” Hamby said.

“God doesn’t allow things without glory to him. That’s what we’re going to try and do, is just praise him right through this storm and pray that our story or Morgan’s story is going to touch somebody else,” Hill said.

Hill says she is thankful that the circumstances allowed them to catch the cancer before it progressed to a later stage.

Hamby will have a second round of chemo at the end of the month.

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