Winston-Salem woman’s home shot into as she attended church on New Year’s Eve

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Making the decision to spend New Year’s Eve in God’s house may be the best choice one local woman and her daughter made in all of 2016.

“Thank God we were in church,” said Doris Terry, of Winston-Salem.

Terry and her daughter chose to spend the last minutes of 2016 at a watch night service at their church – Mt. Olive Baptist Church – this past weekend. After the ball dropped and well-wishes were exchanged, they headed back to their home on East Wright Street.

“We heard gunshots, you could hear gunshots in the area, when we got out of church,” Terry said. “But, we had no idea.”

When they walked inside, and her daughter to her room, they noticed the first signs that something wasn’t right.

“She went in her room, and she saw water coming out of her wall,” Terry detailed.

After calling the City of Winston-Salem and the fire department, they noticed two holes in the outside wall of their home. When police arrived, they found that at least one bullet had gone through the wall, and through her daughter’s mattress, hitting a water pipe in a wall shared by the bedroom and a bathroom.

“I had a meltdown,” Terry recalled. “I was like, ‘We live in good neighborhood here.’”

Terry told FOX8 police told her people like to shoot firearms when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s. Police believe some shots may have been fired in the air, coming to a stop in her home.

“Anger, anger, and then you think about it, thank God we were in church,” were the thoughts Terry said were running through her head. “Because it could have played out a different way.”

FOX8 found at least 22 police reports of shots being fired within the city of Winston-Salem this New Year’s weekend.

Safe to say, Terry and her daughter know where they’ll be ringing in 2018.

“New Year’s Eve we will be spending in church,” she said.

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