Guilford County Sheriff’s Office gears up for its Citizens Academy

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- As the new year starts, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office is getting ready to start up its next Citizens Academy.

It’s an opportunity for many in the community to get a good look at what deputies do.

“It’s an opportunity to learn all about the job,” said Lt. Daryl Loftis. “This day and time, we all know there’s a lot of questions about what law enforcement does.”

In years past, Loftis has actually taken on the role of instructor in the sheriff’s office’s Citizens Academy.

It takes everyday people behind the scenes of the job, which consists of part classroom learning and part hands-on training.

“Just all about the different areas and the different specialties as well, because there are quite a few as far as SWAT team, K-9, crime scene technicians,” Loftis explained.

This comes after a year that saw the relationship between the community and law enforcement on a shaky foundation both nationwide and here locally.

Community members often ask for more transparency. Loftis hopes the course can bring what deputies face every day into focus.

“It could clear up a lot of stuff. I think oftentimes in law enforcement and many other professions, it’s not so much that things go wrong, it’s just miscommunication. It’s about what does occur and they occur,” he said.

Classes begin Thursday, Feb. 2, at the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office in Greensboro.

Burlington police plan to start its academy in March. Winston-Salem police will have its academy in April.

You can apply to be a part of these academies on their websites.

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