Several drivers targeted by rocks on Highway 52; police release images of suspects

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Driving down the road and being hit by a snowball this holiday season would be frustrating. But, driving down a highway and having a rock thrown at your vehicle would be something different altogether; and for at least eight people in Winston-Salem in the last month, it has been.

Police say they have had several reports of people having projectiles thrown at them while traveling down Highway 52 in recent weeks.

One of those people is Mike Doub, who was taking the highway around the lunchtime two Sundays before Christmas.

“It could have hurt a lot of people,” Doub said, of the incident. “Like a gun going off. Like a loud gun going off. Just, ‘bam.’”

Doub says he was traveling southbound when he saw a group of teenagers walking across an overpass. When one of them reached down, he came back up with a baseball-sized rock and threw it at Doub’s van.

“When it hit, it kind of bounced up and over ‘cause I heard it hit the top of the van a couple times,” he said. “He threw hard and of course at my speed too, it happened really quick. Then of course your first reaction is to duck and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t wreck or wreck anybody else.”

It’s unclear where the rock went after hitting Doub’s van, but he did say that there were fellow motorists on all sides of him.

“If somebody else had got hurt over that, you know, it killed somebody, I’d have to live with that the rest of my life,” he said. “If it didn’t kill me too.”

Police released some surveillance images to FOX8, of a group which they believe may be responsible for at least one of the incidents.

“I know kids do things, I did when I was young,” Doub said. “I did stupid stuff, but stuff like that I didn’t do.”

The areas with the most incidents are on Highway 52, near 25th Street, University Parkway and Business 40. The latest incident happened around 5:40 on the evening of December 22.

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