More than $9,000 worth of guns stolen from Lexington business

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LEXINGTON, N.C. – Jennifer Haynes is a store clerk at Mimi’s Mini Mart in Lexington where Davidson County sheriff’s deputies say thieves broke in, stealing more than $9,000 worth of guns.

"They hit it once and they hit it again and on the third time, they hit hard enough where it shoved everything in,” Haynes said, describing how the suspects got in the back door of the store. "It knocked all the braces off."

Haynes says the suspects stole a total of 18 handguns during the December 7th break-in.

"Revolvers, glocks,” Haynes said.

"The guns are still out there,” she said. “They can get in the wrong hands and there can be a bad chain of events."

On top of losing merchandise, the store has also had to make nearly $4,000 in repairs to the store, such as buying new glass displays and backdoors.

On Wednesday, sheriff's deputies arrested and charged Shemar Anderson, 20, and Anthony Steele, 24, for breaking and entering, stealing handguns, and several other charges.

Jalen Hairston, 19, was arrested on December 7th and is also charged with breaking and entering among several other charges.

Haynes says losing all the merchandise has affected the store’s holiday sales.

"The sales could have been a whole lot higher right here at Christmas," she said.

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