Florida man tortures mother for refusing to change her will, police say

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Jerome Klein, 59.

MIAMI, Fla. — A 59-year-old Florida man allegedly tortured his 81-year-old mother after she would not take his two brothers off her will.

On Dec. 13, police say Jerome Klein slapped and beat his mother after she would not comply with his demands, CBS4 reports. After abusing her, he made her leave her bedroom and go to his cabin.

While there, he reportedly forced her to sit in a chair, telling her if she moved, “he was going to kill her, himself and their dog.”

Klein then made her sit in a chair for almost eight hours, denying her food, water and a bathroom.

“She is 81 years old. He did not allow her to go to the bathroom. Denied her water and food. She has horrible bruises across her body and torso,” said Miami Beach Police Det. Juan Sanchez.

Klein is facing kidnapping and battery charges. He is in jail without bond.

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