Anonymous donor pays for all adoption fees at Forsyth Humane Society

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Alex Watkins was speechless when she got to work Thursday and found out an anonymous donor wrote a $5,000 check.

“He wanted to sponsor all of our animals,” said Watkins, the marketing director for Forsyth Humane Society.

Watkins says the donation is enough to cover adoption fees for all the shelter's animals through January.

"This will help so many animals get home before the holidays," she said.

The same thing happened last week at Burlington Animal Services.

A family that also wants to remain anonymous pooled their money together to cover adoption fees at the shelter.

“Little did we know how much it was going to be,” said Laura Michel, Burlington Animal Services program coordinator. “They collected $795.”

Michel says it’s enough to sponsor 32 animals which have already been adopted.

"This always helps to move animals out of here making room for more," Michel said.

On Wednesday, she says another person sponsored a dozen cats.

“It's really nice when someone comes up to the desk to adopt a pet and you get to tell them the fee's been sponsored by someone," Michel said.

By the end of December, the shelter will have adopted out more than 2,000 animals for the year, according to Michel.

“That's huge,” she said.

Both shelters say the secret Santas don't want any credit.

“It's truly a blessing knowing that these animals will be getting out of the shelter and into homes," Watkins said.

Both shelters say even with fees waived, people looking to adopt will still have to go through the adoption process before getting approved.

Here's a look at the people lined up to bring their new family members home this morning:

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