Greensboro elementary school students get hi-tech, learn computer code

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It's so quiet in Samantha Lambillotte's third-grade technology class at General Greene Elementary School that you can hear a mouse -- the click of a computer mouse, that is.

What the students are focused on today is called Hour of Code. It's a yearly event designed to introduce students of all ages to computer coding.

"It's just this really basic idea of anybody can do computer science," Lambillotte said. "Even my little kindergarteners do it."

The hook is that they use something the students love, video games like Minecraft.

"They get real excited about the Minecraft and then when you tell them it's a challenge, they just grab right on to a challenge and they want to solve the problem."

Step by step, they build their own game.

"if you've ever looked at lines of code on HTML its a lot of words that you don't understand. But again breaking it into smaller parts and teaching kids how to kinda look at it. They can actually look at the code under the hood," she said. "So when they do the blocks, they can click on it and it says show me the code and they can see the lines of code. So they can start to make that translation."

The skills they're learning can be used throughout their life.

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