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Community hopes to get The Classic Family Restaurant back on its feet

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DENTON, N.C. -- Everyone who lives in Denton knows this part of town. It’s where you went to grab coffee, get your hair done, or grab a bite to eat at The Classic Family Restaurant. The complex, containing five local businesses and one church, caught fire early Saturday morning.

"I keep riding down here because its just like I can't look at it enough,” said area regular Kennie Miller. Her father owns the antique store, also destroyed by the three-alarm fire.

"There's no words to describe it,” Miller said, recalling watching it happen Saturday morning. "To keep watching one place after another go up.”

There is word yet on what caused the fire, but Fire Marshals will begin an investigation Monday morning. They will also have to clear debris during the inspection.

Dozens of people were pulling into the lot, or slowly driving by to get a look, or even take pictures of the twisted charred metal and stone that remains of the community staple.

"We live with a sense of certainty that God has brought us this far through whatever has come to pass, and that God certainly won't let us down now,” said local pastor David Talbert, who does outreach at Bethany United Methodist Church just ten minutes down the road in Lexington.

"Through that ministry we feed approximately 200 or more homeless and marginalized people in Lexington every Monday night, and our main food source is food that's donated to us from the Classic Restaurant,” Talbert said talking about the owner’s generosity.

He hopes the investment of goods will pay off for these businesses, especially Classic. Tablet also mentioned the employees of these businesses are suffering in this small community. The Classic employs more than 35 people, according to Miller. She says the buffet-joint’s reputation of hospitality and unmatched home cooking is known across the state and beyond.

"There are thousands and thousands and thousands of people that would want to see the Classic Restaurant back,” Miller said. "I mean I'm sure people are lost already."

Open Hands of Davidson County and the United Methodist churches of Denton are having a breakfast to benefit employees of the Classic Family Restaurant and other businesses that were destroyed in the Denton fire last Saturday. It will be held at Central United Methodist Church in Denton from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Donations are expected.