McDonald’s to test delivery service in select locations

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An exterior angle photograph of a new style McDonald's Restaurant.

Big Mac lovers rejoice: McDonald’s is set to begin testing delivery service starting in January.

Last month, McDonald’s announced that it would be introducing several upgrades, including craft burgers, table service and self-service ordering kiosks, CNBC reports. It said Thursday that more than 200 locations in Tampa, Miami and Orlando will begin accepting digital orders.

Customers can order and have their food delivered to their door with the UberEATS application or website. To use the app, users type in their address, enter a payment option and browse local restaurants.

In addition to delivery service, McDonald’s will launch a mobile pay app in 2017. Fast food establishments such as Taco Bell, Starbucks and Domino’s already have the option.

McDonald’s Spokesperson Becca Hary says feedback from customers in Florida will determine whether to expand delivery services moving forward, according to USA Today.