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Guilford County family offers $3k reward for return of dog missing 3 weeks

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Every day for three weeks, Jessie Trump has walked the streets of a neighborhood off Vanstory Street and behind the Hooters on Gate City Boulevard in Greensboro.

Trump is looking for Graci, her family's Pomeranian-Poodle that has been missing since the family's truck was broken into the day before Thanksgiving.

The family is offering a $3,000 reward to the person who finds Graci. They've also hired a tracking dog to search for Graci on two separate occasions and distributed about 1,000 fliers across the city of Greensboro.

"Just the other day we had another sighting again so we are back on the street hoping that it's her," said Trump on Tuesday night when she was out looking for Graci.

Trump has gotten dozens of calls from strangers claiming to have seen Graci.

At least one of those sightings was on Hardie Street. Trump has gone back there many times to search for her dog, but says every time she goes back the fliers she has put up are gone.

"I'm not real sure what is going on with the signs on this specific street, all the other ones that we have put up seem to have stayed. It's just this one street," she said.

The community has reached out to Trump and her family. Trump's posts on Facebook have thousands of likes and hundreds of responses of people offering suggestions and help.

One of those people was Tracy Samsel, who lives in the neighborhood where Graci may have been see. Samsel didn't know Trump or her family before seeing the post, but now she has gone out dozens of times looking for the dog.

Samsel says she's not giving up hope.

"There's just something that tells me that she's coming home. I truly believe that someone has her and if you do, we just beg you to come forward I mean it's a $3,000 cash reward, no questions asked," she said.

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