Santa Claus in Lexington goes extra mile to give autistic girl a Merry Christmas

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LEXINGTON, N.C. – A mother said a Santa Claus in Lexington went the extra mile to give her autistic daughter an extra merry Christmas.

Jennifer Phelps told FOX8 her 3-year-old daughter Victoria was diagnosed with autism in October, 2015.

Phelps said Victoria can have a tough time in crowds and being around people.

Last year, they went to a Christmas event at High Rock Church of Lexington.

Phelps said they waited until the line died down and she explained the situation to the Santa.

The mother said the Santa knew exactly how to act and even sat on the floor to wait for Victoria to get closer for a picture.

“She made a connection with him and she felt safe,” Phelps said. “I’m seeing my daughter smile and tears came down, this man was patient and kind.”

Afterwards, they went to get food and the Santa came by their table. Phelps said Victoria jumped right into his arms.

On Saturday, Victoria and the same Santa were reunited at another Christmas event at Reeds Baptist Church in Lexington.

“The same Santa was there,” Phelps said. “She saw him across the room like she’d known him forever, she does not say anything, but she smiles and runs into his arms.”

Phelps said the Santa told her that Victoria made a big impact on him and he was hoping to see her.

Phelps said she ended up exchanging information with the Santa and they want to stay in touch.

“This man changed her life forever by doing a simple act of kindness and being patient,” Phelps said. “She deals with meltdowns and extreme sensory but for those moments she was the happiest little girl.”

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