String of pizza delivery driver robberies in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro police are investigating a series of robberies of pizza delivery drivers.

From Nov. 29 through Dec. 4, thieves robbed three delivery drivers on or near Phillips Avenue, according to police.

"The delivery driver will show up and he's robbed by more than one suspect at a time," said Lt. John Marsh.

Marsh says each victim was approached by at least two to three suspects.

"Pizza delivery workers, they're easy targets,” Marsh said. “They work alone. They usually carry cash on them."

The first robbery happened on Nov. 29.

According to police reports, a driver for Papa John's Pizza was robbed on Buchanan Road by at least three suspects.

The second incident happened Dec. 2. Two suspects robbed a Pizza Hut driver, according to police reports.

The third incident happened Dec. 4 on Phillips Avenue, according to police.

A driver for Golden Pizza was approached by at least four suspects then robbed.

“Somebody could get seriously hurt,” Marsh said. “Somebody could get killed."

Items stolen include cash, cell phones, debit cards, and food.

Police don't know if all the robberies are related but are urging delivery drivers to be extra alert.

“Ask the customer to leave a light on for you,” Marsh said. “Not to approach dark houses or houses that look abandoned."

“If it doesn't look right, leave the area,” he said. “Call police or call your boss back."

Anyone with information is asked to call Greensboro Crime Stoppers.

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