Toys ‘R’ Us cashier’s sweet gesture sparks chain reaction of kindness

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MANCHESTER, N.H. — During the rush and stress of Black Friday, one Toys ‘R’ Us employee decided to slow down and show kindness to a little girl in a big way.

On Nov. 25, Chelsea Provencher and her 8-year-old daughter Violet went to a local Toys ‘R’ Us to shop.

“We get up there and ring everything in, and I’m $5.52 short,” Chelsea told WMUR. “And I literally had grabbed all the change I had in the car. I had no money on me, I had just my cellphone and keys, and I felt helpless.”

As Provencher fumbled around her purse, searching for the money, cashier Sheilla Nelson, 17, stepped in to assist.

“The young lady at the register next to us, she finished with her customer and then she came right over, and she was like, ‘No problem,’” she said. “Pulls out her little credit card – she’s like, ‘I got this. I’ll pay for it.’ And I was like, ‘No, you don’t have to do that, we can put something back.’ She’s like, ‘No, it’s fine.’”

Nelson said she didn’t think twice about helping out.

When Provencher’s husband, Roger, found out about the incident, he went back to the store to pay it forward. He gave Nelson a $552 gift card to be given to future customers who might need help with their purchases. When Toys ‘R’ Us heard about the incident, they returned his donation and made one on his behalf.

“The company is really humbled by what happened and wants to make sure that the store and Sheilla are rewarded,” said store manager Jim Guillemette.

Provencher posted about the beautiful moment on Facebook:

At Toys R Us and my daughter was $5.52 short with her birthday money and I didn’t bring my purse and had no more more and this lovely lady pulled out her card n paid the rest. She is working on black Friday and uses her hard-earned money to do something so sweet for my daughter, brought tears to my eyes how nice some people still are. I’ll return the favor ten fold to someone else when I get the chance.

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