Pastor says car salesman posted his wife’s nude pics to swingers site

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GRAPEVINE, Texas -- If you want your private pics to stay private on your phone, you might think twice before buying your next car.

"My husband took a photograph of me at a private moment in our home. I never imagined anyone else would see it," Claire Gautreaux said.

It all started when Claire and Tim Gautreaux were trying to buy a car at Texas Toyota of Grapevine in January of 2015, KDAF reports. They downloaded a credit application and gave it to the salesman.

"He said it would be used for the financing transaction. I was shocked when I found my private photos had been looked through, then sent to an email address that was connected to a swingers website," Tim Gautreaux said.

Tim says when he got his phone back, his wife's bathtub photo appeared, and he found evidence two pictures had been emailed out.

"I feel that my privacy and dignity were taken away, and I believe Toyota should be held responsible for what happened," Claire said.

Gloria Allred, a civil rights lawyer known for taking high-profile and often controversial cases, is taking up the case.

"When Tim inquired about this individual, he was told that no such person worked there," Allred said. "That was not true. That individual, who is currently facing criminal charges, was one of Grapevine Toyota's new car sales directors."

Allred says they are suing the Toyota dealership for an undisclosed amount, and a criminal case against the salesman is pending.

Texas Toyota of Grapevine says their attorneys are aware of the lawsuit, and because it is a pending case, they will not talk about the allegations.

Tim, who is a pastor, wants to bring this to light to stop the procedure of downloading apps at car lots.

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