Thieves targeting cars at local gyms

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Thieves are targeting local gyms. Greensboro police say car break-ins at fitness locations are a trend. Planet Fitness, Strive Fitness, Gold’s Gym and Crossfit Greensboro have all had reports in the last three days.

“I usually leave a purse or a set of keys and wallet,” said Ann Loftis, a Strive gym member. “I keep it locked, but now I may not be doing that anymore now that I've heard about this.”

Mostly wallets and purses were stolen. Many cars had broken windows.

“You can't run on the treadmill with your purse or your wallet and lift weights,” Loftis said. “It's an obvious choice if you think about it. “

Car break-ins are happening in High Point too. In the last 24 hours, police received reports from people parked near Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym.

“Carry your stuff with you, put it in a locker and put a lock on the locker,” said Det. Kim Rieson with the High Point Police Department.

High Point police recommend people do not leave any valuable inside their cars and if you must, hide them. To hopefully track down the thieves, police say they will look at surveillance footage and see if any stolen credit cards were used.