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Help for displaced Gatlinburg livestock here in the Piedmont

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- With plenty of room on her 10-acre farm in Lexington, Taylor Absher is opening her heart and her pasture to horses and livestock displaced by wildfires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

"I just wanted to open up my place and say we have space here for horses,” Absher said.

Absher was devastated seeing images of the wildfires on television, knowing many of the animals would need shelter.

"It would be heartbreaking losing everything that you have and then not having anywhere for your horses," she said.

Even with five horses of her own, Absher says she still has plenty of room to spare.

She has six empty stalls that's she opening to farmers or ranchers in Tennessee who need room for their livestock.

She's one of several people turning to Facebook to donate space and items like hay or feed to help out.

Facebook pages like Gatlinburg Fire Livestock Aid and Help for Displaced Horses are filled with posts from people offering aid.

"There are people that want to help," she said.

Absher says Gatlinburg holds a special place in her heart for another reason.

She spent her honeymoon there four years ago.

"It's just so beautiful up there,” she said. “The people are so nice and it's just heartbreaking to see what they're going through."

Absher says she hasn’t received any calls yet from anyone needing shelter for their livestock.