Tennessee wildfires cancel anniversary trip for Greensboro couple

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Matthew Griffin says it’s been hard to watch images of the massive wildfires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this week.

"You're thinking, that could have been us," Griffin said. "If we would have went a day or two earlier, we could have been involved in everything up there."

Griffin and his wife Crystal live in Greensboro.

They were supposed to go to Gatlinburg later this week for a week-long vacation.

"We were going to leave on Thursday and go up and stay in a cabin," he said.

The couple visits the area two to three times a year.

"We were going to do some shopping,” he said. “Do some horseback riding."

But this year's trip was special.

"We were going to celebrate our anniversary which is in March,” Griffin said. “We were going early due to our work schedules conflicting with each other."

Griffin says it's been heartbreaking seeing many of the places he visits with his wife and family destroyed by the fires.

"Just wow,” he exclaimed. “You look on the news and see all the places that you've been and all the places that you've passed and everything on fire."

He and his wife say they're praying for the victims' families and for business owners who lost everything in the fires.

“Thoughts and prayers are with the people up there that are going through this," he said.

Although the couple got a refund for their canceled trip, they plan on going back as soon as the area reopens.

"It'll take years to rebuild, but we'll give support to them, go to the local shops and buy, because this is when they're really going to need the support," Griffin said.

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