Firefighters make progress on several NC wildfires; Crews work to contain Horton Fire

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WATAUGA COUNTY, N.C. -- As firefighters continue to make progress on more than a dozen fires throughout North Carolina, officials continue to investigate the possibility that the Horton Fire, a wildfire that has burned through 700-800 acres near Blowing Rock, was intentionally set.

The source of the fire may prove to have been two different spots, near Sampson Road, which turned into the wildfire and has the potential to threaten 55 homes to the northeast of Blowing Rock. In addition to the 55 homes, countless others have been blanketed by its smoke.

Firefighters have not been able to contain the fire. However, they are attempting to keep it within a “box,” comprised of fire lines. If the fire jumps those lines, it could grow to 1,000 acres in size by Wednesday.


At this time, no structures have been damaged and no injuries have been reported. There is no timetable for the threat to be neutralized.

Around 100 firefighters are battling the Horton Fire, which is about 20 percent contained.

As of 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, the Party Rock Fire has burned through 7,171 acres and is 54 percent contained, the Maple Springs Fire has burned 7,788 acres and is 69 percent contained, the Boteler Fire 9,031 and the Tellico Fire 13,874. The Boteler fire is 77 percent contained while the Tellico Fire is 91 percent.

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