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Officer impersonation investigation underway in Reidsville

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REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- The Reidsville Police Department is investigating an officer impersonation case.

Police say at 8 p.m. on Saturday, a dark-colored SUV with blue lights in the windshield pulled over another vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle was Kendal Wiley. "I kind of got a glimpse of the vehicle before he pulled me over and I was like, this doesn't look like a normal cop car it was like a crossover SUV," Wiley explained.

Wiley is the student minister at Reidsville Christian Church. He was coming back from a church event and two of his students were following him in a car as they drove on Lawndale Drive. Wiley says he never expected to get pulled over.

"I hear on the news all the time about them, somebody posing as a cop to pull over somebody to try to rob them or hurt them or something like that and I was lucky that that wasn't going to happen to me and they got scared off," he said. Wiley says his students pulled over behind the mysterious vehicle and that's when the person behind the wheel drove away.

"Luckily nothing happened serious," Wiley continued.

Police say they only have a vague description of the vehicle and no description of the driver, but the incident is troubling.

"Right now confidence in law enforcement is at an all time low and you know it's just worse that we have somebody out there that's continuing to impersonate a police officer and some of the things they do may reflect on a police officer," says Lt. Chuck Evitt with the Reidsville Police Department.

Evitt says if you're unsure that someone pulling you over is a legitimate police officer, drive slowly to a well-lit and well-populated area. You can also call 911 to verify that an officer is conducting a traffic stop where you are located.

If you do stop and the person approaching your car isn't wearing a standard officer's uniform, Evitt says to only roll your window down a couple of inches so that you can speak to the person. He says ask for a law enforcement ID and an official badge.

"They may just be doing that to try to harm somebody, scare somebody, but whatever the reason to use these illegal blue lights and stopping another citizen, it's not for law enforcement purposes or not for legal purposes anyway," Evitt said.

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