Attorney for convicted murderer Jodi Arias disbarred over trial tell-all book

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Jodi Arias

PHOENIX — The man who defended convicted murderer Jodi Arias is no longer allowed to practice law.

Laurence “Kirk” Nurmi spent years on the Arias case, even though he asked to be removed and Arias asked for different counsel.

After the trial, Nurmi published the first in what was to be a series of books on the trial.

The bar complaint filed against Nurmi claims the book, called “Trapped with Ms. Arias,” contained confidential and private discussions with his client, which she never approved for publication.

The agreement specifically says Nurmi violated a rule, which says lawyers cannot reveal confidential information about a client for his or her own benefit.

“What he did was knowingly and intentionally wrong. His book violates his duty to protect confidential information,” attorney Karen Clark, who represents Arias in her bar charge against Nurmi, said in a statement Monday night.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez, who gained fame and also wrote a book about the Arias trial, is also facing an ethics complaint.

Martinez is accused of unprofessional behavior at trial.

While Martinez is appealing his probation sentence, Nurmi will not fight the agreement which disbars him.

Nurmi was diagnosed with cancer after the Arias trial. He’s in remission now and appears to be focused on living a healthier lifestyle and promoting nutrition.

Earlier in the fall, Nurmi appeared on “Good Morning Arizona” to talk about cancer and nutrition.

Nurmi declined to comment on the agreement, which restricts him from practicing law.

A communications officer with the Arizona State Bar says a presiding disciplinary judge still has the option of accepting, rejecting, or modifying the consent agreement.

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