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Grandma’s hilarious fall into crib goes viral

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Some people are born into fame while others quite literally fall into it.

While their parents are at work, 61-year-old Valerie Sharp routinely watches her grandchildren, almost always putting them in their crib when it’s time for bed. Sharp, who is only 5 feet one inches tall, has to use a step stool to complete the task.

“If I don’t use the step stool, my arms are a foot away from the bottom of the crib,” Sharp told USA Today. “I would have to drop the baby onto the mattress, and she would wake up.”

Several weeks ago, she was putting her granddaughter down to sleep when things didn’t go quite as planned.

As Sharp bent over to place the baby girl into the crib, she tipped over and fell head-first, landing beside the baby. As expected, she busted out into laughter.

“It kind of happened rather quickly,” she said. “I was so thankful that, the way that I had her in my arms, my body didn’t touch her or hit her in any way as I went down. The worst that happened was that I jolted the mattress, and with that, she woke up.”

Sharp’s daughter, Nikki Bishop, discovered the video on her baby monitor and shared it on Facebook page.

Since it was posted on Nov. 15, the video has more than 55 million views, 468,000 shares and 399,000 likes.

Here’s a look at the original post:

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