Locally raised Thanksgiving turkeys growing in popularity

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Anna Sonnenwald was tired of living in the city. So she moved to Randolph County to begin a new life.

"Went and bought some chickens and the gentleman I was buying them from had two turkeys and I brought them home,” Sonnenwald said.

Two turkeys are now 60. The turkeys live their life eating the grass and grubs they find while they are in the pasture. But our recent long stretch of dry weather is forcing Sonnewald to give the turkeys extra organic grains.

"I did have to supplement with more feed than normal because the bugs were not as prevalent this year,” she said.

But the turkeys have fattened up just in time for Thanksgiving. Birds over 13 pounds are sold out and a few turkeys under 13 pounds remain. Sonnewald feels the growing local food movement in the Piedmont is increasing her Thanksgiving business.

"The food that they are eating -- they are living a good life and that translates into a tasty Thanksgiving turkey,” she said.

Sonnenwald's turkeys are raised without chemicals, live cage free and are never frozen. You will pay more for an organically raised turkey. But Sonnewald feels the extra price is worth it.

"These heritage birds are healthier, less fat, higher omegas and higher vitamin A,” she said.

It's not too late to get a turkey from Sonnenwald. The number to Anna's Homestead is (336) 686-9943. Also there's Facebook or the homestead's website.