Guilford County program helps improve adult literacy

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Cecilya Sitatr has always loved reading. But she normally does it in Portuguese.

"I love reading, but when I read a book in English it takes me a lot more time than when I read in Portuguese, so it`s not that pleasant," she said.


She's originally from Brazil and recently moved to the United States after marrying her husband.

"I learned English in Brazil, or so I thought," she said. "And when I started living here I realized that my accent was a huge problem. Americans couldn`t understand me."


A couple times a week, she works in a small group with a tudor through Reading Connections -- North Carolina's largest adult literacy program. It helps adults learn to read, write and speak better.

Reading Connections Program Manager Laura Mims says the organization served 900 students in Guilford County last year, but there's still a huge need in the community.

"Whether it`s reading their electric bill, finding a job, or communicating with their children teacher, they`re just not able to be a successful as they want to be to reach their goals," she said.

Learn more about Reading Connections here.

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