Greensboro voters pass 4 bonds worth combined $126 million

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Complete but unofficial results show that voters have embraced four bond items — worth $126 million combined — to pay for a variety of projects across the city.

With all 107 precincts reporting, the four bonds — low-income housing; parks and recreation; redevelopment; and transportation — passed with anywhere from 68.4 to 72.7 percent of vote.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan, who started paving the way for the bonds as early as January, said Tuesday night that the bonds’ success shows the commitment Greensboro residents have to “reinvest in their community.”

Yes 4 Greensboro Bonds Co-Chair got exactly what he wanted from voters. For the past three months the group as work to get the message out.

“The main thing we wanted to do is to raise the awareness so that everybody that entered the booth would vote one way or the other,” said Sam Simpson, co-chair for Yes 4 Greensboro Bonds. "Certainly, there are a lot of projects over the last 10 years that we put off because of the recession. So this will allow the city to catch up on those projects.”

The projects include fixing up and adding new low income housing.

$38 million will be spent on projects around downtown Greensboro. The city's streets and sidewalks will get some work too.

A parks and recreation bond proposal includes fixing and adding tennis courts and more work on the downtown greenway.

“Our timeline is that over the course of the next year we will start working on the implementation of most, if not all, of the items in the project,” explained Greensboro City Manager Jim Westmoreland.

It`s a great investment for the city in terms of both being able to maintain as well as reduce our longer term maintenance cost,” he continued.

Right now, the city is in the planning phase. The goal is to have all four projects done in a 5-7 year time frame.

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