Campaigns make final push on Election Day eve

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- One more day of phone calls for hundreds of volunteers fighting for every vote in North Carolina ahead of Election Day.

Folks at the Guilford County Democratic Headquarters trying to sway anyone possibly on the fence, knowing historically every vote matters.

"President Obama won North Carolina the first time by two votes per precinct, so that proves that every vote really really does count," said Guilford Democratic Party Chair Myra Sloan.

Party leaders in awe of the dedication of volunteers. That enthusiasm is matched just 30 minutes west in Forsyth County.

Dialing through the night, volunteers at the Forsyth County GOP Headquarters are making a final pitch for their candidates.

"The statewide races as far as I'm concerned are probably even more important than the presidential, because -- and the local races also -- because they have a direct day-to-day impact on citizens lives," said Vice Chair Linda Petrau.

Both parties taking the role of educating voters very seriously, especially when pointing voters to their proper polling place for Election Day. One message both parties can agree on: People need to get out and vote.