Trump supporter changes electronic road sign to ‘Crooked Hilary,’ ‘Vote Trump’

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LAKE RIDGE, Va. — Police are investigating after someone changed an electronic sign in Virginia to display offensive remarks about Hillary Clinton while encouraging people to vote for Donald Trump.

WJLA reports the sign flashed three messages on Tuesday: “Crooked Hilary,” succeeded by “Is a B****” and finished with “VOTE TRUMP.”

“We all were shocked when we got off the bus,” said commuter Eleanor Thompson. “[It was] very unpleasant, and very nasty.”

The sign was one of several rented signs the Prince William County Board of Elections office placed around the area to encourage people to vote.

The sign’s box computer was left unlocked and that is how officials believe the message was tampered with.

“Regardless of one’s political beliefs, we respect one another, and enough is enough,” said commuter Ian Houston. “Let’s make it a goal to turn off these messages and make an effort to make more positive messages.”