Football coach suspended for taking body shot off player

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PASO ROBLES, Calif. — A head football coach in California is under fire after a cell phone video shows him taking a body shot off a student.

The video, which was posted on Youtube, shows Paso Robles head coach Rich Schimke taking the body shot. The shot, which Schimke’s attorney says was maple syrup and not alcohol, infuriated parents.

“It’s a little weird.. taking a body shot off a kid,” said parent Jesse Bundy. “If it was my kid…. I’d find it kind of strange.”

KEYT reports the shot was part of a “Pancake award,” in which the student received for having the most blocks during the team’s Oct. 14 victory.

No matter the outcome, Paso Robles Superintendent Chris Williams say Schimke will continue to teach at the school because the coaching and teaching contracts are separate.

Schimke was placed on administrative leave on Oct. 24 and there is no timetable for when the school will make a decision in the investigation.