Colonial could reopen pipeline as early as Saturday after fatal explosion

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SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. — Three days after a section of the Colonial Pipeline caught fire and exploded, the company says it could reopen as early as Saturday, according to Reuters.

The pipeline, which is a vital fuel supply source for people throughout the U.S. East Coast, killed one person and injured five others, leaving people in limbo on its effects on gas prices.

The subcontractors were attempting to flush out the lines. When they started to dig, that is when the explosion happened, according to

In early September, part of the pipeline was closed for nearly two weeks because of a huge gasoline leak. That caused gas prices to spike by 28 cents in Georgia and 17 cents in Tennessee, also affecting North and South Carolina.

Monday’s fire started several miles from the area in Shelby County, Alabama, where the September spill happened. The blaze erupted after a crew working on the pipeline hit it with a track hoe, causing gasoline to ignite.

The Colonial Pipeline Co. is optimistic about the process moving forward but says it can’t fully assess the damage and begin repairs until the blaze is out. The fire has gotten smaller but is not completely out.

For more information, visit the company’s website.