Guilford College builds farm house with fallen trees from campus

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Guilford College farm grows produce for the college and the nearby community. And when you add chickens to the property, you've got a lot to look after. So when it came time to build a farm manager's house, David Petree knew where to go to get lumber.

"It's a sustainable way of building a structure. Using the resources on campus to build is a testament to our program," Petree said.

Petree is the director of environmental sustainability at Greensboro's Guilford College. For three years, Petree gathered fallen trees from the 200 acres of woods that surround the campus. Then Petree followed a lengthy nine-step process that prepares the wood to be used for construction. Students like Sam McCormick helped Petree build the two-bedroom farm house.

"It feels nice to have a sense of ownership over the project and involved with the moving parts," McCormick said.

Plus, third-year student Amelia Hall feels the farm house follow's Guilford College's mission of working toward a sustainable future.

"The house has so many different types of wood from the woods and trees I have walked past which is amazing," Hall said.

And as you walk through the house, Petree says each room has a history because you can see the poplar, white oak and cedar trees that were used.

"As we finish the house I will put plaques on certain walls and tell the story of where the wood came from on our campus,” Petree said.

Professional contractors are supervising the build. Petree hopes to have the farm manager's house ready by Christmas.