Burlington police investigate string of car break-ins

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Some popular spots in Burlington, which includes two parks, some businesses and a gym have been the target of thieves.

Burlington police say they're taking things like purses, phones and money from cars. A majority of these cars were locked.

“Sometimes I’ll think to hide my pocket book or something, but sometimes usually I’ll leave it out,” said Chris Czajkowski as she pushed her daughter the swing set.

Czajkowski brought her daughter to Joe Davidson Park in Burlington Friday to play. Davidson Park is one of the areas that thieves hit.

“I’m just so busy with the kids it’s just that I’m getting them out and so I just leave stuff,” Czajkowski said.

She says she was surprised to hear about car break-ins in a place she often frequents, but knows that she could be an easy target.

“Put away the things of value that are in your car,” said Assistant Chief Chris Verdeck, Burlington police.

It’s a simple message from Burlington police, as Verdeck took the time Friday to demonstrate what a thief might see in a locked car.

“I see a wallet laying on the console. I see a cell phone lying on the seat. There’s a high dollar coffee cup sitting in the cup holder,” Verdeck said as he peaked into the car.

Overall, car break-ins are slightly down from last year. In 2015 there were 321 reported cases and so far this year there have been 252 reported cases.

“I will be more mindful to get things out of sight if I’m not bringing them with me,” said Czajakowski.

However, Burlington police has some helpful reminders for both people and businesses going into the holiday season posted on their Facebook page.