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Forsyth County approves tethering ban ordinance

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FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. – Forsyth County animal advocate Jennifer Tierney says it's time to replace the 2011 tethering ordinance.

"A lot of animals in our community are abused and chaining is abuse."

Forsyth County's 2011 tethering ordinance only placed limits on tethering. A new ordinance would ban the practice.

Mitch Cromer has been a dog owner for years. He believes tethering can be done correctly. Plus a ban would bring additional ownership cost.

“You have to buy a fence. If you accept a fence these people build, you have to spay or neuter your animal. You have to meet the requirements which I don’t think is right,” he said.

At Monday's Forsyth County Board of Commissioners meeting, commissioners listened to both sides of the argument. Also they heard from non-profit groups that said they will be ready to build additional fencing if the tethering ban is approved.

In a 4 to 3 vote, Forsyth County Board of Commissioners approved the dog tethering ban. There will be a 12 month grace period.

During the 12 months, if animal control finds a tethered dog, the owner will get a written warning and information about groups that build fences for qualified owners.

When the grace period ends, animal control officers will issue citations.

The new ordinance allows tethering in certain cases like hunting, herding, dog walking and other recreational activities.

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