Guilford County bus driver buys books for students

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BROWNS SUMMIT, N.C. -- Sweet treats and snacks are normally the rewards elementary school students get when they do a good job. Guilford County Schools bus driver Oscar Pitt follows the same rules.

"It was A’s and B’s and I said I got to get you something and then the other kids started talking about it. I want to encourage them to get good grades," he said.

But a friend of Pitt suggested an idea that Pitt thought elementary school kids would never embrace.

"How many of y'all want books? All the hands went up.”

So Pitt went to McNair Elementary School Media Specialist Rhonda Campbell for help.

"He is just an amazing man to take that interest in our students he only sees maybe 30 minutes out of the day," Campbell said.

Campbell typed up slips for Pitt to hand out to all of the students that ride his bus. Twenty to 24 students were able to buy a $5 book with Pitt picking up the tab. But Pitt didn't stop here. He also bought books for three to four McNair students that didn't ride his bus. And if the book was over $5, Pitt paid for it anyway.

"It says a lot about his character, about what he wants for the future of these children," Campbell said.

McNair Elementary fifth-grader Dana Long is grateful that Pitt spent his own money to buy her a book.

"I’ve been wanting on this book since last year and I didn’t have the money to get it so I got it this year,” Dana said.

Pitt says he doesn't understand all of the attention he is getting. But third-grader Jahmeer Falke feels his bus driver stands out from the rest.

"I would tell him thank you for giving me the slip and you are a special guy and thank you,” Jahmeer said.

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