Greensboro Police Chief Scott breaks down investigation into former officer Cole

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Nearly four months since this encounter between former Greensboro Police Officer Travis Cole and Dejuan Yourse, Thursday, a press conference was held to go over the details of the investigation.

Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott briefed not only city leaders, but those in the community on 42 day long investigation into former Officer Cole’s actions.

“You see there were 42 days. Our policy is 45 days. This was within policy, but I’ll admit it was very much outside the norm to be that long,” Chief Scott mentioned.

Scott says the main reason for the delay was inexperience by the investigating officer, but he hopes to shorten that process.

“Our process has worked but we should always look to improve ourselves,” he explained.

Chief Scott went through each slide, explaining the challenges of getting in contact with Yourse, it includes Yourse missing an August 16th meeting.

Also mentioned was that Cole resigned during the investigation.

Some people who came to hear the report say there are just too many excuses.

“But it is concerning to me that we got officers running around here that people could’ve been subjected to his violence,” said one woman in attendance.

“We’ve heard your timeline, but to me that’s just another cover up,” mentioned another man.

“I’ve been a police officer for 26 years, I don’t think that [Cole] was the right reaction. And that’s really the test that we hold it by,” Scott said.

The city did send a letter to the state’s Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission to revoke Cole’s rights to work in law enforcement.

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