FOX8, ASPCA rescue woman’s dog trapped in flooded home

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LUMBERTON, N.C. -- A FOX8 crew flagged down ASPCA workers Thursday, who in turn rescued Caroline the golden retriever trapped in Joni Gaddy's home.


ASPCA workers rescue Joni Gaddy's dog Caroline.

The Lumberton woman was rescued Tuesday by her son and nephew Tuesday from neck-high water.

FOX8 reporter Chad Tucker and photographer Chris Weaver, who interviewed Gaddy just moments after she was rescued on Tuesday, flagged down workers from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and pleaded with them to go get Gaddy's dog. They led the workers to her neighborhood and then gave them directions. The home was still only accessible by boat.

"They got in their boat, and I got Joni on the phone with them. She gave them permission to go inside," Tucker said.

"I cried all over again!" Gaddy said. "So so glad she is safe. I was afraid the alligators came thru the windows because the water was that high!"

Flood waters around Gaddy's home on Chickenfoot Road began to rise last week after the wrath of Hurricane Matthew.

Gaddy's son, a truck driver, drove all the way from Texas, worried about his mother.


FOX8's Chad Tucker with Joni Gaddy

Gaddy said she saw alligators and snakes swimming outside her home and she prayed they wouldn't get inside. And she just kept praying that someone would come and get her. She said she heard helicopters flying near her home, but none ever flew directly over her home. She had hung sheets out of the windows to try to get someone's attention.

Gaddy was able to rescue one of her dogs, but had to leave Caroline back in the house. Gaddy left Caroline on a bed with some food.

Gaddy wrote on her Facebook page Thursday after her dog was rescued: "To God be the glory! They rescued my golden retriever Caroline!!!!"

Gaddy's two horses -- one pregnant -- were missing. ASPCA workers said they looked around the home for the horses but did not see them.



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