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Sandy Hook mother writes open letter to 6-year-old SC school shooting victim’s mom: ‘My heart is with you’

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Jacob Hall

TOWNVILLE, S.C. — As the mother of Jacob Hall begins a very long and painful healing process following the loss of her son, another mom who endured a similar tragedy reached out to her.

Nicole Hockley lost her 6-year-old son Dylan in December 2012 when a gunman attacked Sandy Hook Elementary School. Renae Hall lost her 6-year-old son Jacob on Saturday, a few short days after a teen gunman opened fire on the playground of Townville Elementary School.

In a heartfelt letter, Hockley expressed her own shame in the complacency she felt when she learned that initially, no one had been killed in the school shooting.

Hockley said that the news of Jacob Hall’s passing on Saturday killed her inside. Her letter went on to highlight the importance of working to combat gun violence, noting that the loss of both Dylan and Jacob were too high a price to have paid for a lack of action on this issue.

In the letter, Nicole Hockley expressed her anger with God, politicians, everyday citizens and organizations too misinformed or apathetic to make steps toward change and addressing gun violence.

The letter, which was posted in its entirety by the New York Daily News, ended with a promise to never become complacent with the issue of gun violence again:

As a mother and grieving parent, I am here for you now and always, in any way I am able. My heart is with you. My actions are dedicated to preventing more deaths and from more parents experiencing the loss of a child. I promise you, and all the other parents and grandparents receiving this message, I will never allow myself to be complacent for a moment again.


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