Georgia officer says God helped him save 2-month-old girl’s life: ‘The Lord God Almighty touched me and I knew what to do’

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GREENVILLE, Ga. — A Georgia police officer is being praised after he rescued a 2-month-old baby who was choking – and he says God helped him do it.

Officer Kenneth Knox responded to a choking child call on Sept. 24 and found little Ma’Yavi Parham turning blue as she struggled to swallow cereal.

In a Facebook post, officer Kenneth Knox highlighted the entire incident:

I would like to take the time to introduce everyone to miss Parham. she is a 2 month old beautiful baby girl. last night I was dispatched to a residence to a child choking, it was this beautiful little princess. she was turning blue and fading fast.. mom and dad tried cpr with no luck and when I arrived she was not breathing. the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY touched me and I knew what to do. I did reverse cpr and was able to suck the cereal out of her throat and she began breathing again. she smiled at me for a second and then starting crying which was music to my ears. out of my 25 years being a cop this is my greatest and most profound accomplishment and it made every second of those 25 years worth it all. I am forever humbled and changed by this. little miss Parham will forever be a part of my life…

The next day, officer Knox decided to show up and check on the family, according to WTVM. When he did, he vowed to be a part of Parham’s life.

“People want to know what it feels like to live without hate, with pure love and not think about race, just look at that baby’s face,” he said. “That’s what I feel like when I see her face. It’s just pure love.”

Ma’Yavi’s mother Meona Parham says the officer is a hero and she is grateful for the officer’s help.

Knox’s post has gone viral and been shared more than 57,984 times.

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