Winston-Salem couple takes tiny house on expedition across America

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- “It's been an amazing year - jam packed,” Christian Parsons told us.  He wasn’t exaggerating.

Christian and his girlfriend, Alexis Stephens, are on a big journey, in a small way.

About a year ago, they left Winston-Salem for a two-year trek across America to advocate for their way of life.  The “small” part is the material life.  Christian and Alexis are advocates of living in a tiny house (it’s a real movement, trust me) and using as few material things as they need to be comfortable.

“We're like snails - we take our home with us,” says Alexis.  “And one of my all-time favorite things about this tiny house is I get to wake up in my comfy bed, where ever we are.”

There certainly are challenges, especially with local zoning ordinances, wherever they or anyone wants to live in a tiny house.

“Automatically, you don't meet code because you're on a trailer,” Alexis points out.  “The main problem with RVs is the full-time living.  So that's where zoning comes in.  Zoning has the power to say that you are allowed to live in certain areas in your RV or tiny home for full-time living.”

So much of their work, as they travel thousands of miles across the country, is to educate both those who live in tiny houses and those who regulate them on how to live in harmony.

“I actually feel like the work we're doing now will have an impact,” says Christian.

The inspiration for it is simple.  As Alexis told us:  “At least to me, having experiences is the way to go through life.”

See how they do it, in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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