View from space: Hurricane Matthew after landfall

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NASA released a stunning satellite image of Hurricane Matthew after it made landfall in Haiti as a Category 4 storm early Tuesday morning.

The image, which is both beautiful and terrifying, shows the system centered directly over Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The storm went on to pummel southern Haiti and eastern Cuba on Tuesday, packing powerful winds and heavy rain - leading to massive destruction.

CNN reports Matthew killed at least seven people during its tirade as many forecasters predicted Haiti might receive up to 40 inches of rain.

"Much of the population is displaced and communication systems are down," said Mourad Wahba, the UN Secretary-General's Deputy Special Representative for Haiti. "We've received reports of destroyed houses and overflowing hospitals with shortages of buckets and fresh water. The hospital in Les Cayes has had its roof blown off by the force of winds."

Hurricane Matthew is expected to continue to track north over the next several days.