Man helps homeless woman after McDonald’s refuses her a cup of water

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CARDIFF, U.K. — People are praising a man for his kindness after he made sure a homeless woman in need of water was taken care of.

In a viral Facebook post, Jonathon Pengelly described his encounter at McDonald’s with a displaced woman known only as Polly.

According to his post, Pengelly was in line at McDonald’s when an employee denied Polly’s request for a warm cup of water.

“My heart was shattered! So I spoke to her and told her to order what she wanted, expecting her to order everything. I was so shocked. She asked for a single cheese burger and that was it” he said in the post. “We bought as much as we could carry so I knew she wasn’t going to be hungry.”

After purchasing the food, Pengelly and Polly sat outside with the woman he described as being “warming and so lovely.”

But what he did next was the most heartwarming thing: he invited her and her friend over to his house to cook food and fill food bags for the next several nights. He said the two also took showers and brushed their teeth.

“It costs nothing to be kind, and I genuinely hope people share this to raise awareness of homelessness throughout the UK,” Pengelly said. “Me and Polly have chatted on the phone and I’ve promised her that she will never go hungry or cold again! I’ve given her blankets, pillows and a back pack full of food.”

Since it was posted on Saturday, the post has more than 187,000 likes, 42,000 shares, and 18,000 comments.