Greensboro search and rescue team members to deploy to eastern NC

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Firefighters from Greensboro’s search and rescue team will head to Martin County Thursday to assist Hurricane Matthew victims.

Due to the shift in pattern, the number of team members has decreased from 34 to 14 team members. The search and rescue team will stage in Martin County then go to prospective areas told by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety - Division of Emergency Management.

Senior Fireman Jonathan Moore said they are prepared to be self-sufficient with food and water for up to 72 hours.

“We're ready for anything that can be thrown at us, whether it be flood waters coming in at a fast rate, still flood waters or flood waters receding at a fast rate. Vehicles that can get caught in the flood waters as people are trying to evacuate or homes that may not have power, the elderly or anybody that just needs  evacuation through these waters,” Moore said. “It’s really a good feeling. I miss being at home I miss my family and everybody around here but it’s good to be able to go outside of my community and still help my state and help the people that live here.”

The Greensboro firefighters will depart from Greensboro’s Fire Station No. 5 on Westover Terrace at 2 p.m. on Thursday, which houses the state recognized Search and Rescue (SAR) Team identified as Task Force 6. The State of North Carolina utilizes seven regional SAR teams, including Greensboro for SAR emergency response services.