Dozens of people stranded after flooding causes sinkhole in Alamance County

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- Heavy rains and flooding in Alamance County caused Tangle Ridge Road to buckle and a large sinkhole to overtake about three quarters of the dead end street.

Because it's a private road, it's up to its residents to fix it, which they estimate could cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000.

"We barely have the money to scrape the road and put rocks down a couple times a year," resident John Pertschi said. "This is way past what we can do."

In its present state, cars cannot safely pass the sinkhole.

Throughout the day Thursday, residents carefully walked around it to meet friends and family, who brought them food and groceries. Many were unable to go to work. Residents estimate there are about 28 homes and 100 people affected.

"I have a small business that I can't get to," Pertschi said. "There's only one way in, one way out."

Late Thursday, the residents got a bit of good news. The State Forestry Service plans to provide 30-foot long planks to cover the sinkhole. But that will only be a temporary fix.

"The fire department came out here last night and told us there's no access," Pertschi said. "So God forbid, anybody's house catches fire. There's no access in or out."

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