Thursday is National Coffee Day; plenty of hot deals brewing in the Piedmont Triad

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Thursday is National Coffee Day and there are plenty of hot deals brewing in the Piedmont. Even better is that a cup of Joe can come with health benefits.

Coffee is the lifeblood of Americans and almost a national pastime these days. A cup is the kickoff to a lot of people’s day and part of the everyday routine. Missing that morning cup can risk ruining their whole day.

And local coffee shops love the trend. The demand for a good cup of coffee creates a buzz in places like DeBeen Espresso in High Point.

Debbie Workman is the owner and has been serving up coffee here at the corner of Lexington and Westchester for nearly 20 years. She says the craze for coffee really picked up about six years ago.

But DeBeen is a popular hangout too and that's part of the charm of coffee.

“With it being a local coffee shop, you know, we’ve known our customers for so long it’s really fun because it’s personal,” says Workman.

People can sit and chat, work or just chill. It has the vibe of the popular 80s TV show "Cheers," except with coffee.

“Whenever you come in it’s like 'Cheers,' people know your name, they know what you drink, it’s a great way and great place to conduct business and it’s a relaxed atmosphere that everyone can enjoy,” says Julie Hill, a regular at DeBeen.

But how much coffee is too much? Registered Dietitian Amanda Smith with Novant Health says six cups of black coffee a day is the recommended limit. Studies have shown black coffee may help guard against certain diseases but too much of the sugar laced, heavy cream, whipped up goodness could lead down an unhealthy path. And people with high blood pressure and women who are pregnant should really think about limiting their coffee intake.

But under normal circumstances, enjoy a cup or two for a pick-me-up and maybe even a good conversation... it's what coffee is for.

Some of the deals on National Coffee Day include:

  • Krispy Kreme is offering a free small coffee and a free glazed doughnut.
  • Sheetz is offering a free small cold brew coffee to "My Sheetz" cardholders.
  • DeBeen Espresso in High Point is offering bring your own mug and get a dollar off on your coffee.
  • And if you want to enjoy coffee at home -- Keurig is offering 10 to 15 percent off K-Cups at its online store.
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