UNCG students gather in silence to protest police shootings

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Students stood together in moments of silence and in protest in the cafeteria of UNCG Monday night in response to recent police shootings and cases of excessive use of force.

Organizers say the demonstration was in protest to officer-involved shootings in Charlotte and Tulsa.

"I think there's a lot of things going on," said UNCG student Xavier Maryland. "Frustration, confusion, pain, anger. With all those things, a lot of people just come out to have an outlet."

Many students were also disturbed by body camera footage released Monday showing former Greensboro police officer Travis Cole using what many say was excessive force on Greensboro resident Dejuan Yourse.

The video was from an incident that took place in June.

"To know that it was hushed for so long, even people on the council knew about it so that's where the disturbing part comes in is that there's no accountability now," said student organizer Jane White.

UNCG students also held a silent protest earlier on Monday.

They taped their mouths shut and wrote the names of people who died in officer-involved shootings on their shirts.

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