Georgia Walmart refuses to make officer’s ‘Blue Lives Matter’ retirement cake

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MCDONOUGH, Ga. — People are in an uproar after employees at a Georgia-area Walmart refused to make a cake for an officer’s retirement.

According to a Facebook post by Taylor Wilkes, an officer’s family asked Walmart to make the cake with the blue lives matter line and the employees refused, saying they thought it was a racist message.

Walmart refused to honor her request due to it being “racist.” Three separate people in management denied her request for this reason. To me, this is appalling. There is nothing racist about the symbolism behind the “thin blue line,” yet people CHOOSE to make EVERYTHING about race

Once the story went viral, a Walmart spokesperson issued a statement to WGCL apologizing for the incident.

Our goal is to always take care of customers. But, sometimes we misstep. We’ve reached out to the family to make this right and offer our apologies.

Wilkes posted on Facebook again, this time saying that Walmart apologized for the incident and letting her know the company supports law enforcement.

After the ordeal, the family went to Kroger to have the cake made instead.

Wilkes said she received an anonymous message that said a similar thing happened at the same store before.

After we read your post, we called to see if we could order a police cake in honor of my dad. The baker lady said she refused to answer that question and that we’d have to call WalMart headquarters for permission then hung up on my husband.

Since the original post was published on Sept. 22, it has more than 4,418 shares.

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