SC officer saves suicidal man on bridge by talking mutual hatred of Dallas Cowboys

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COLUMBIA, S.C. — Moving body camera footage shows South Carolina Officer Michael Blackmore talking a suicidal man out of jumping from a bridge by bonding with him over sports.

Officers responded to the bridge early Saturday morning and found the man sobbing and sitting on the guardrail, saying he was ready to jump, according to The State.

In the video, he told officers he no longer wanted to live, and that’s when officer Blackmore begins to talk football with him.

After several minutes of conversation, he found out the man was a fan of the Washington Redskins and the South Carolina Gamecocks.

“I’ll see you sometime next week one day and say ,’How about those Redskins?’ I’m definitely gonna pull for them when they play Dallas because I hate Dallas,” officer Blackmore said.

Blackmore said everyone has a bad night and he just wanted to get his mind off of what was bothering him.

He and another assisting officer were able to safely help the man down from the bridge.

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