People in Charlotte react to video showing moments before Keith Scott shooting

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Nearly every person on the street in Charlotte has seen the video taken by Keith Scott's wife in the moments leading up to and following his shooting by a police officer.

"It hurt, so I was shocked. Although I couldn't see exactly who did what or whatever, I felt her pain, the wife's pain, it's like they didn't even listen to her voice," said Audrey Miller.

Miller came to the uptown area Friday night with her husband to pray with protesters.

For most people, the video doesn't clear anything up about what exactly happened between officers and Scott.

"Basically I have mixed feelings about everything, I don't know which direction to turn when it comes to what happened," Aaron Harris, who lives in Charlotte said.

For Harris, and many others, seeing, hearing and now feeling the family's pain gives them a deeper connection to their cause.

"It upped my level of emotions once I hear how the energy of her voice she was stating don't shoot him, asking her husband to get out of the car and that was really touching," Harris said.

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