Elon University students march through campus in silent protest

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ELON, N.C. – Several hundred students came together in protest Friday at Elon University to have their say in the movement to stop the killings of black men by police.

As the students walked through the campus of the private university, not a word was said, but everyone knew what they were saying.

The signs carried by many verbalized the silence of the march that was organized by the Elon University Black Student Union.

The crowd that joined the march was a surprising cross section of society at Elon, including the school leadership.

University Provost, Dr. Steven House, told the crowd that he believes in their resolve to make change.

“I believe in your mind and your intellect and your curiosity to explore ways that we can come together stronger than ever before in a country where everyone feels included and valued,” House said.

Still, some students worry that it will get worse before it gets better.

“I have a little brother, so every time I hear something it’s just that immediate sense of what if that’s him, what if I’m the next phone call,” said Kaelyn Green, a junior at Elon.

“At the end of the day we’re all out here trying to live our lives and enjoy the lives we’ve been blessed with,” said Alexis Wilson, the Black Student Union President.

Alexis and other members of the Black Student Union hope this silent march is a reminder to the students of Elon University to not be silent in the face of any discrimination they may encounter.

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