Charlotte barbershop maintains normalcy throughout week of protests

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – During the past week in Uptown Charlotte normalcy has been hard to find.

Some businesses in that area were forced to board up and close early.

“To see Charlotte in such a disarray, to see our community confused and hurt, whether you be black or white. Yeah, that hurts,” said Damian Johnson.

Johnson owns No Grease Barbershop in Uptown and while it has been tough, he says normalcy is what his business has been able to hold on to.

“Normalcy for us is business as usual. We’ve been able to stay normal our business didn’t close at all. One of the reasons is I believe is our relationships we have with the community and the community identifying us as a part of them” Johnson said.

“At the same time that is bad for business because they are our next door neighbors, so you know I just wished they didn’t tear up the business beside us and just left it alone,” explained Demetrius Ross, barber at No Grease.

A lot of businesses decided to close early Friday, but Johnson has decided to stick with the shop’s normal hours.

While violent protestors have not targeted Johnson’s business, he hopes that the peaceful protests from Thursday night continue.

“Sometimes you may see a family member and not agree with your family, but they are still family. I see you No Grease, I know you don’t approve of this but we got to do what we got to do,” mentioned Johnson, referring to some of the protestors.

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