‘The barracks are better than this’: Trash problems worsen at Greensboro apartment complex

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- People living at the Ashleigh Park Apartments in Greensboro didn't think their trash issues could get any worse.

Tuesday -- they did.

People who live there say the dumpsters are now gone and trash is piling up on the ground instead.

Military veteran Warren Broadhurst knows a lot about living in tough conditions. But he never thought an apartment complex in Greensboro would be the worst place he's lived.

"The conditions here are unbearable," he said. "The barracks are better than this. Tell you the truth, they should condemn this and relocate everybody. On management's money."

FOX8 has reported multiple times on the overflowing trash dumpsters at Ashleigh Park, which created health and safety concerns for people who live there.

"We already have rodents running around everywhere," said resident Antonio Spinks. "Opossums, cats and rats. Now they're putting the trash on the ground, that makes it even worse."

A father of two, Spinks said even his youngest daughter recognizes the conditions are bad.

"She said she doesn't want to play outside," Spinks said. "She said because it stinks out here. She's only 2. And that's what she tells me when we get out of the car. She doesn't even want to come home."

After FOX8 contacted the City of Greensboro about the lack of dumpsters, a representative from the city said that the Field Operations Division will provide dumpsters and trash removal services to Ashleigh Park and will bill the management company Bedrock Management Solutions.

The city will do the same for Timber Hollow Apartments in Greensboro which are also owned by Bedrock Management Solutions.

Management on site declined comment for this story.

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